Sanjeev Javia - Wellness Coach

Sanjeev Javia, or Coach Jeevers (as we like to call him!), directs the wellness initiatives of the Healthy Body Challenge, Youngevity's spirited campaign of optimal health and wellness for all.  Coach Jeevers has developed strategic and targeted programs providing lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness regimens to meet an entire range of needs, whether you're an individual who is dealing with various health challenges, weight loss struggles, or are a high performance Olympic/Professional athlete, Jeever's has the answers for you!   

Sanjeev has been appointed to the Scientific/Medical and Athletic Advisory Boards at Youngevity, and plays an instrumental role in the formulation, messaging, and academic/clinic research of the Youngevity products.  He is a credited and much sought after speaker within athletic and medical communities and tours internationally speaking on the virtues of illness and disease prevention and the integration of nutritional and supplement solutions in health treatment philosophies.  

Sanjeev Javia - Wellness Coach
Myia Anderson

“I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 11 years old. I couldn’t lose the weight and keep it off. It was so hard. Losing this much weight so quickly was just amazing. I can now run, I have all this energy, and I just feel so wonderful now.” 
- Myia Anderson, Champion 
Lost 67 lbs


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