7 Items

7 Items

    L'dara Tea Tumbler with Infuser
    $36.99 Retail
    $29.95 Wholesale

    14 oz. heat resistant glass bottle tumbler with tea infuser.

    Ice Tea Red Tumbler (20 oz)
    $11.99 Retail
    $9.95 Wholesale

    Red Tea Tumbler perfect for home or on the go!

    Matcha Tea Infuser Red Shaker
    $43.99 Retail
    $34.95 Wholesale

    12 oz. red thermos shaker with infuser.

    Red Mug (15 oz)
    $9.99 Retail
    $7.95 Wholesale

    15 oz. red L'dara mug

    Wellness Tea Tin Collection (11)
    $40.99 Retail
    $32.95 Wholesale

    Set of 11 individually branded L'dara Wellness tea tins.

    Tea Filters
    $14.99 Retail
    $11.95 Wholesale

    Easy fill tea filter with expandable base.

    Matcha Starter Set
    $53.99 Retail
    $42.95 Wholesale

    A must-have to perfectly prepare and enjoy Sorvana’s Ultimate White Matcha Tea.


7 Items

7 Items